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Enduser - Even Weight (2011)
Category: Electronic | Date: 14.10.2011 04:53
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE....... Breakcore, Drum & Bass
LABEL..... Ad Noiseam
MODE...... avgkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... 10.14.2011
COUNTRY... Germany

Enduser - Even Weight (2011)

After years of waiting and expectations, Enduser finally comes   
back with a new album. This towering artist of the drum'n'bass   
and breakcore scene comes up here with an extremely important    
and soulful album in which his hard breaks and beats share the   
stage with much gentler melodies and atmospheres. A highly       
emotional album whose palette ranges from melancholy to rage, it 
is a new awe-inspiring album by a musician which proves again    
that his talent is multidimensional, humane and essential.

Long awaited" is an understatement to describe fans'             
expectations regarding Enduser's new full length album. For      
somebody who used to be very prolific, the four years which have 
passed since his last album feel like eternity. Enduser had      
given us a hint of sort last year with the remarkable "1/3" EP,  
but here is finally the album people have been asking for and    
this musician has been sweating over: "Even Weight".

Enduser's albums for Ad Noiseam are always very multidimensional 
and ambitious, as demonstrated with 2006's "Pushing Back",       
Enduser's yardstick so far. In this sense, the best way to       
understand "Even Weight" is to read Enduser's own opinion and    
intent about it.

"This is not a dance album, it's more of a listening thing"      
says Lynn Standafer about this album. Though obviously harder    
than most and driven by Enduser's infectious breakcore beats,    
"Even Weight" is something which needs to be listened to, and    
not only danced to. His sound has gained a lot in width and his  
melodies are more encompassing than ever before. Starting with   
"Retribution", on which Sol Thomas (known for his involvement in 
Standafer's "Calling The Vultures") lends his voice to Enduser   
again, the album reveals itself as a one that aims at the heart  
more than at the feet. The choice of guest vocalists (Jarboe of  
Swans closing the record and Belgium's O For Odetta) are another 
demonstration of the scorched nature of Enduser's message here,  
as is the fact that the various friends than he invited on this  
album (Hecq, Karsten Pflum, Architect and Bonk) appeared to have 
played mostly with drums, while Enduser kept his hands free for  
harmonies, melodies and arrangements.

This couldn't be an Enduser album without some heavy, fast,      
hard moments though, and tracks such as "Void", "Reciprocal" and 
"Distance" make sure that Enduser keeps his throne in the heart  
and set list of breakcore DJs worldwide. And still, it is each   
track which is even balanced in itself (the bass, the voices,    
the breaks forming a cohesive whole in every song), not just the 
album as a whole.

"Even Weight" is an important album. For Enduser first, as it    
shows that this artist, an essential and towering figure of the  
breakcore and drum'n'bass scene, was able to take another leap   
forward and reinvent himself. For the fans, who will finally     
quench their thirst for new material and discover tunes they     
could only wish for. And finally for Ad Noiseam, who is proud to 
bring this album to the world.
01. Enduser & Karsten Pflum - A Little While
02. Enduser - Distance
03. Enduser - Retribution
04. Enduser & Architect - Decision (Late)
05. Enduser & Bonk - 7 a.m. Fog
06. Enduser - Praise
07. Enduser - Reciprocal
08. Enduser - Climbing Backwards
09. Enduser - Wrong Turn
10. Iamthesun - Regret (Enduser Version)
11. Enduser & Architect - A Trip Down
12. Enduser - Void (Re-Edit)
13. Enduser - Stop Asking
14. Jarboe & Sweet Meat and Love Cult - Ode To V

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