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Solitary Experiments - Memorandum / Collector's Box (3CD) (2015)
Category: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 28.05.2015 11:08
ARTIST.... Solitary Experiments
TITLE....... Memorandum / Collector's Box
STYLE...... Electro, EBM, Synthpop, Industrial
LABEL...... Out Of Line
QUALITY..... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY... Germany
Solitary Experiments - Memorandum / Collector's Box (3CD) (2015)

The extensive 3CD/DVD-set MEMORANDUM pays homage to one of the most successful German Melodic-Electro-groups. Containing the impressive new symphonic album release “HEAVENLY SYMPHONY”, plus 2 discs packed with rarities and exclusive remixes and the band's first ever live-DVD, this limited box (1000 copies) is a must-own, not only for fans of Solitary Experiments.

The Berlin-based band Solitary Experiments has long since managed to secure a place among the top bands of the Electro-scene with a trademark mix of anthemic melodies, solid beats and strategically placed harsher moments and is one of the most popular bands of the Melodic-Electro-sub-genre. To celebrate 20 years of band history, the quartet treats its fans with MEMORANDUM: an extensive set that not only features the brand-new symphonic release “HEAVENLY SYMPHONY”, but also rarities, a load of exclusive content and yet unreleased video footage.

CD number 1 “FIRST TAPE R.D.C.E.” is bound to delight any diehard fan: the band's long deleted and ultra-rare debut tape release (which only the really long time fans will probably ever have had the chance of hearing) has been remastered to be released on Compact Disc for the first time, ever.

Disc 2 carries the fitting title “BEST OF: REMIXED” and features a selection of the band's most popular tunes, reconstructed and remixed by colleagues and friends, making for a totally new retrospective on the band's career. The list of remixers is impressive and features some of the scene's biggest names and legendary bands, from Mesh via The Eternal Afflict to In Strict Confidence, to name but a few.

Furthermore, the set contains Solitary Experiments' first ever live -DVD, sporting a selection of recordings from different locations and eras in superb picture- and sound quality. To ensure that fans do not need to double-dip, the group is also including their new album-release “HEAVENLY SYMPHONY” in the box as an absolute highlight. Inspired by the gig at the “Gothic Meets Klassik”-festival, a selection of the biggest Solitary-Experiments-classics have been rearranged into orchestral mini-symphonies. The result is nothing short of breathtaking and lets well-known hit songs unfurl with a glorious new dimension of emotional prowess.

MEMORANDUM is released as a strictly limited 3CD/DVD-set in a lavish book-style box and belongs in any serious collection of melodic electronic music. Solitary Experiments dish up four exquisite platters full of unheard audiovisual delicacies.

CD1: "First Tape R.D.C.E."
1 Risc De Choc Electrique
2 Die Seuche
3 Kein Erbarmen
4 Guardian Angel
5 Escape To Nowhere
6 In Ewigkeit
7 Torment Machines
8 Fernes Land
9 Dein Fleisch
10 Wake Up Your Mind
11 Das Böse
12 Sacrifice
13 Fühlst Du Dich Wohl

CD2: "Best Of: Remixed"
1 Epiphany (Mesh Remix)
2 Delight (XMTP Remix)
3 Beg Your Pardon (T.O.Y. Remix)
4 Game Over (Steril Remix)
5 A Rush Of Ecstasy (In Strict Confidence Remix)
6 The Dark Inside Me (Der Prager Handgriff Remix)
7 Do You Feel? (Dirk Riegner Remix)
8 Odyssey Of Mind (The Eternal Afflict Remix)
9 No Salvation (Decoded Feedback Remix)
10 Rise And Fall (Trial Remix)
11 Land Of Tomorrow (Syntec Remix)
12 Immortal (Robert Enforsen Remix)
13 Miracle (Robotiko Rejecto Remix)
14 Steering Wheel (Psyche Remix)

CD3: "Heavenly Symphony"
1 The Edge Of Life (Symphonic Version)
2 Immortal (Symphonic Version)
3 Beg Your Pardon (Symphonic Version)
4 Déjà Vu (Symphonic Version)
5 Delight (Symphonic Version)
6 Epiphany (Symphonic Version)
7 Trial And Error (Symphonic Version)
8 Stars (Symphonic Version)

Disk4: Retrospective View (DVD)


Solitary Experiments Discography 1999-2015

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